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The point of sale system, or POS, has become integral with the day to day operations of any business, and because of that, the POS has become so important you can not operate your business without it. Now we would like to show our alternative to the POS called PETRA VSA. This new concept we like to call a VSA (Value Sales Assistant). How the PETRA system works is we can present advertisements and try to upsell on customers purchases during their checkout process. This upsell will offset the cost of your processing their card payments.


We have the ability to offer discounts to your customers and to encourage return visits for reward.

Low-Cost Market Expansion

Through PETRA, you quickly and effectively expand your market coverage to all our Freedom Choice members.

Continuous Community Support

Use PETRA to support non-profits and charities that are active in the local community, through customer support.

Improved Cash Flow

By reducing operating expense and improving the intangible assets of the company such as goodwill and perception.

Reduced Operating Expenses

PETRA can offset the debt of card transactions through a value proposition presented to your customers.

Increased Margins

Increasing sales through both new customers and repeating customers with the Freedom Choice members.

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After the in-store credit are returned to your store from your customers, you can redeem those to us for rewards.


PETRA can be bought outright or can be leased at affordable rates that are custom to your business.

Financial Benefits

Much of our system is tax deductible and can vastly help your business keep more of its money.

Freedom Choice Cooperative

Check out all the benefits and rewards of being a merchant in this program. These are all the businesses that offer deals and business development programs for merchants that have a PETRA system.

What are the costs to join Freedom Choice Cooperative?
There are no fee requirements to join the cooperative as a customer. However, merchant members are required to pay a “licensing fee” for the use of our software.
Why are merchants required to pay a “licensing fee”?
Merchants pay licensing fees for the software to run their entire Freedom Choice platform. This software allows a merchant access to many “cash” payment systems, (such as Salesforce) at deeply discounted cash prices. In addition, this fee actually allows us to support and service our merchants equipment needs.
Am I required to use the PETRA system in order to be a merchant member of the cooperative?
Yes. It is required that you have PETRA in order to be a merchant member.
Do I have to purchase or lease the equipment from you?
No, you can actually buy the required equipment on your own. However, there is an upfront fee that will cover licensing, set up, reporting, and service fees. These are mandatory fees that we are responsible for.
If I don’t buy the Petra equipment from the cooperative, how can I obtain it?
You can purchase the device(s) through our partners at Cashless Exchange or Arcade Pay.
What is the price of the equipment?
To buy from the cooperative the price of the Petra system will cost $1,395.00. This comes with a year of Salesforce Enterprise and one year of cooperative fees included for free.
How do I get set up for PETRA and how long does it take?
Normally 3-7 days.
Can I join the cooperative online?
No merchant can join the cooperative without being visited by a representative. This is a requirement. We must prove the validity of your business in order to ensure the integrity of the cooperative and for the protection of our members and our customers.
Are there device requirements?
You are required to use equipment and software approved by the cooperative.
is in-store credit considered a cryptocurrency?
No, the tokens are a store credit which can be purchased in our app.
How does a cashier know the transaction was successful?
After the customer makes the payment for the product, the cashier can check the status by clicking the check status button on his cashier app. If the transaction is successful, the cashiers get a transaction complete pop up message.
Can the cashier accept the in-store credit payment for under $1?
No, the cashier should not accept the payment if the total amount is less than $1. The customer has to pay by cash or card.
Can I leave the program?
Yes, but you are required to settle all debt obligations. This is including but not limited to: redemption of all value, payment of all fees due the cooperative, and settlement of all financial obligations to other members?
What if I go out of business?
Then the cooperative takes over the value that you currently hold, and we settle our matter with you in a fair and equitable manner.
Contact us want to talk to one of our representatives and find out how this program can help you and which plan will work with your business.

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